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Hi I'm Night
I draw, sometimes music, always doodle.

I am the artist and co-writer/designer of the games Rip and Oneshot. I also made most but not all of the music in Oneshot. Please give them both a try!

I used to do some OCTing but now I'm mostly just lurk
I also like the Yume Nikkis, Cave Story, Fez, Monument Valley, and *inhale* HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER *exhale*


:bulletblue:Tumblr mostly for pictures

:bulletblue: Youtube mostly for music
Got it from :iconkalkie: who got it from me. since i did the thing 5 years ago i figured it'd be time for an update for bookkeeping purposes

1. List every single character you have. 
2. Write a short description for each
3. Count them.

New characters (made since the last journal) will be underlined
*note: this list doesn't just include my ocs, but also characters that I designed/helped develop for collab projects


a story about people involved in the investigation of a parallel dimension that might or might not be connected to dreams (aka a series I need to work on and soon. you can start reading what little I have of it here)
Genre: surreal fantasy, mystery, drama, horror(?)

Melkline: The protagonist. Orphanage worker who recently lost his job and his sister when said orphanage burned down. 

Sheep: adopted daughter of Windlock family. Child genius who helps out with investigations. Finds Mel in the wreckage of the orphanage, thus beginning the story.

Novel: little boy who’s really sick. Cleon’s son.

Cleon Windlock: scientist and philanthropist. a sponsor for the orphanage and current head of the Windlock family. Trying to find cure for his wife and son. 

Morann: Cleon’s wife and Novel’s mother. Currently in a coma

Cecil: Windlock family’s butler and driver

Gwendoline: Windlock family’s maid/housekeeper.  Grandmother figure of sorts. Very protective of the kids.

Gret: a butterfly

Aelita: Melkline’s childhood friend. Carries a golf bag and a harpoon, among other things. Works for Laurendale

“Laurendale”:  Leader of an organization 

Valarie:  Laurendale’s devoted bodyguard and PR guy.

Athena: one of Laurendale’s agents.

Dorian: one of Laurendale's agents, has an adopted daughter named Rue

Rue: most innocent kid in the story probably

Fril: one of Laurendale's agents, likes to knit

Kettle: a kitten with + pupils 

Aelita’s dad: don’t have name for him. He’s dead but he’s pretty important to her backstory.

Ark: One of Cleon’s patients who is more willing to talk to Sheep. There's something about his eye...

Iskai: Half alive half ghost princess with a fondness for coffee and chairs. and time pieces

Iskai’s chair: totally a character

Moriarty: Iskai's dog

Amron: Iskai’s brother, might not be relevant to the plot.

Arenton  Claheron: Iskai’s dad. The king

Beranthes: Iskai’s mom. The queen

Linda: ???

Remus: works for Linda

Ester and Morrow: twins, work for Linda

15: a girl that looks like Is, wears a black overcoat and throws nails at people

Mu: Melkline’s little sister who does weird things. She supposedly died in the fire, but...

count: 30
Not included: Ralph, who i kidnapped from Clock-workable, various orphans
Dummied out: Zokian, Delphie

Makito Goes Outside:

about a boy who goes outside on his own for the first time. most likely to be an adventure game of some sort
genre: comedy, adventure, coming of age, fantasy

Makito: grumpy Japanese boy who likes videogames and is afraid of rain. He's been indoors for the most of his life.

Mouse: Greek kid who defies physics and carries around a suitcase of cats. He likes traveling.

Nora: girl from the North pole. she's raised by a dog and thus incapable of pronouncing anything that sounds like human language. might or might not be a wereshark

Dog: Nora’s adpotive mother, a rather large malamute dog.

Fumiko Kasanashi: Makito’s mom. a famous actress who got married recently

Makata and Makoto: twins, Makito's half siblings. they kinda creep him out

Mayonna—Mouse’s grandmother. likes cats. too much.

Alicealicealice: a witch who makes shooting stars by shooting stars (with guns). she collects them afterwards to use for her magic

Felix: a young vampire cursed to stay in an abandoned factory forever, eats rusty metal instead of blood so he doesn't starve to death.

Nigel: guardian angel  with a slipper floating over his head. Apparently they ran out of halos. I forgot about him.

Josephine: witch who steals colors with a magical camera

BW: monochrome monster

Coret: god of mail and pigeons. she's a rock pigeon

Gregory: Coret's sentient flying house

Kino: Coret's boss, a librarian in charge of the interdimensional information database, he's an owl pigeon

Irma: forest witch in training. her grasp on magic is really bad.

Treedad: Irma's dad who needs a name. self-proclaimed forest guardian who swears to be 1/4 tree 

Pie Sugarplum: (revamp of an old joke character) witch in training, fully embraces the magical girl side of being a witch in training. an apprentice of Mayonna

Traffic cone girl: witch in training, her power is over traffic. she wears a traffic cone as a hat

Technology witch: needs a name. founded a sanctuary for robots who have become self-aware

Robot brother 1: has a radio for a head, wants to be a human

Robot brother 2: also has a radio

Disco Radio: a pop singer and robot. looks human

PM04-37: a robot caretaker for a young orphan girl

Pamelia: said orphan girl, probably only 5 years old or younger

Count: 26
Not included: Linus, Acayo, Tore (hikaru-chan16) Pippa, Hamlet (ashestoApples) Octavius, Raven, Kaito, Casanova (MoonCrazed)
Dummied out: Gwimmoh, Mr. Invisible, the star shooter

Emeralda and the Ensemble:

set in a world where music has been weaponized in the past and is no longer considered an art form.
genre: steampunk, fantasy, adventure

Emeralda: blind girl who composes music. Wants to remove the stigma associated with music and travels the world with her companions. She can play a variety of instruments but is best with cello

Bracket: her seeing-eye cello/robot, a repurposed robot soldier from a past war

Houston: Lost both of his legs in an accident so he has mechanical legs in their place, but still can’t walk because of nerve damage. Drives a piano vehicle

Shiloh: a mute humanoid thing born from soundwaves. Can’t talk but can manipulate sounds. 

Lemmav: A deaf mechanic who integrated a violin into his body so he can at least “hear” what he’s playing. He's also a prince

Houston’s grandma: a mechanic who builds robots (and other machines) out of old musical instruments

Houston’s grandpa: a former pianist who helps Houston’s grandma with the robots

Karin: woman with a missing arm. don’t know what instrument she plays yet. Probably something that only requires one hand ahaha…

Lulu: haven’t given much thought to him yet. He plays some kind of horn.

Emeralda’s dad: owner of a record company (in their world records are like compact disks or computer chips). He comes from a family of once-influential musicians (from before the war) and has been teaching his daughter about music in secret

Count: 10


*All new characters and stories beyond this point*

Bless You, Rip

genre: surreal, mystery, sci-fi, exploration/adventure, 
collab game project with GIRakaCHEEZER who also has a hand in developing these characters. Demo playable here.

Rip: a rabbit boy looking for his missing brother. He's physically strong and is rather quiet

Risa: a hopeless conspiracy theorist. likes video games and mystery novels and wants to be a vigilante detective. she also started a club with her group of friends

Chloe: a member of the club, is a painter and good friends with Jay

Jay: a member of the club, plays guitar and is sort of an older brother figure for Chloe

Luca: a member of the club, their parents are scientists and they're going down that path as well

Zip: Rip's brother, missing

???: a walking spoiler, been developing him recently. I don't think he'll ever be named.

side characters that prob wont make it into the game, some of them are dummied out bosses
-Nakia Benegal: school athelete that Risa idolizes
-Samuel: kinda shy and also wants to be a writer
-Fiona: wears fancy dresses and is kinda just there
-Franklin: Janus cat, has two faces as a birth defect

Count: 11

Loli.Loli project

(joke project with :girakacheezer: about lolita fashion, started as a touhou parody) I only designed Paula, Rosalie, and Kimomo. kinda want to draw the rest eventually. they all have ridiculous names and I'm proud of all of them

Paula Petticoat (goth lolita, bat)
Rosalie Ribbon (sweet lolita, rabbit)
Kimomo Pichi (wa lolita, japanese dwarf flying squirrel)
Bianca Lacefoot (shiro lolita, cat)
Noirica Lacefoot (kuro lolita, cat)
Lucy Tartana (punk lolita, red fox)
Sana Guinn (guro lolita, possom)
Amphora Nauticus (sailor lolita, seal)
Gala Bloomerdale (country lolita, horse)
Elizabeth Anderson (hime lolita, lion)
Moria Giru (mori girl, deer)

Count: 11


genre: exploration, adventure, puzzle
collab game with Mathewvq, you can play the current version here.
a full version/expanded story is in the works

Niko: Mat pitched the idea of the game to me and I designed the protagonist right away. Their design haven't changed much since

The prophet: a robot prophet

Silver: cyborg woman living by herself

Rowbot: a robot attached to a boat. he rows

Calamus: boy from a tribe of bird-themed people, lives in isolation with his sister

Alula: Calamus's little sister

To be revealed characters: Red, the Lamplighter, Cedric, Calvin
Not included: Mat's characters Maize, George, Kip, and himself

Count: 10


Northern lights girl: some kind of deity made of northern lights. She flies around on a giant bird.  
Mayu: girl set out to avenge the death of her father. from a short game idea I had last year
Mei: a ghost
Ida: a kid with an eye mask who likes learning 
Mimi: a cat from a 20s style cartoon that went off air, originally made for TechnicolorOCT
Titlecard: the title card from a 20s style cartoon who gained sentience
Compass: a train conductor. owns a train
Grim and Dark: a pair of spirits, guardians of their respective post-apocalyptic worlds

Count: 9

TOTAL: 107

... : o

thats like, twice the number of characters i had since the last time i did this

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dragol Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats with winning game of year in Misaos 2014! :3
NightMargin Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
:D thanks!
dragol Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol yes, then I've downloaded and played it I didn't know it was yours )
Silly me )
bloodyPoltergeist Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Margin! you followed the kickstarter for Hyper Light Drifter, right?? did you read their most recent project update posted yesterday? it says they're looking for concept artists! you should totally look into that. because when i read it, the very first person that came to mind was you. (even though i've never even spoken to you before, i tell you this because i know you're super hyped for HLD and are very good with pixel art and things of the like... love your art and music and games and EVERYTHING, by the way.)
NightMargin Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
and yeah I know! unfortunately I am 1) not a professional in the least bit 2) very busy with school and 3) applied last summer without getting a reply so I figure they'd be getting so flooded w applications they can't even reply to them all, so the competition would tough as balls anyway @_@

but thanks for letting me know nevertheless! ;u; I'm glad I remind you of HLD heh....I'm also glad you like my stuff! <3
bloodyPoltergeist Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
aww, sadface... i still think you're professional enough, though i understand all the other things too..

and you TOTALLY remind me of HLD, because it was through your HLD fanart that i even found out about you, and now you're one of my favorite artists <3 on another note, it made me quite happy when i read in your recent journal entry and saw that you were interested in working on Margin again soon... i'm someone who would love to get into that more once you started working on it. (no rush though, i'm just saying that i'm a fan and would love to see more of it in the future... even if it's far in the future.)
Radicles Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ur game
is on Pewdiepie's game suggestions
for like two weeks//

I think he might play it *W*
NightMargin Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
for Oneshot? I know some people have recommended it to Markiplier but I don't know of any others : o
Radicles Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i do hope he plays it!
Chao11 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Say! I was wondering...are you gonna make another Rpg game?
NightMargin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
after making the full version of Oneshot? I'm not sure, actually. I have a few ideas for short games, but my big RPGmaker project (Makito Goes Outside) I'm thinking of hiring someone to do from a custom engine instead
Chao11 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
That's cool and interesting! I hope myself one day I can make an rpg...but in the mean time I gotta learn on how to make one~
SilverRainShooter Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I love you and I love your art and your music and your game! I've been really wanting to tell you this for so long on your YouTube channel and stuff but I didn't, and I just absolutely love everything about you and you are one of my senpais now! And you are WAAAYY more talented that me so you inspire me. 0w0
NightMargin Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much! I am glad to hear it <3

well, dA /is/ easier to use than youtube, at least I think so! x)
SilverRainShooter Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
On YouTube there are a lot of frickers and idiots. There are on DA, but not as many. Are you friends with pengosolvent irl? Your music and art is a little bit similar and stuff.
NightMargin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
yeeeah there are silly people everywhere, unavoidable X(

I'm not friends with him irl but I've met him before! he's rly cool
and haha really? personally I don't think our styles are similar at all but maybe you're picking up on things I'm not aware of? : o
(1 Reply)
gpremier Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015

I just discovered your game Oneshot(i know, i'm late!), and it was really good! The unusual take on of that game cliche was quite refreshing, the overall feels was right, the writing was good and the music was excellent(just bought the OST!).

Oh and adorable cat thingy always help!

I just would have liked if there was an easy way reset for the game, i'm enough of a grownup to know that the first try is always the canon ending! YouTube twart the mystery of the other choice anyway, and it kinda break my heart as a game collector that like to show my discovery to others!

I was surprised when i saw in comments that you plnned a prequel and a full version of this game since it seemed already complete of its own, so i'm very curious to see how all this will turn out.

So, thanks for the great game, and good luck in the future! 
NightMargin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! <3
There isn't an *easy* way right now, as per the intention, but Mat's looking into making that a thing for the full version (but not without some surprises, he says)

the full version will also expand on some things we didn't get to really cover cuz we were rushing for the deadline. you can pretty much tell the entire refuge area was done within the span of like what, 3 days? it's painfully linear right now and we really want to change that x(
the glen will also get some new content, and I'm thinking about making the barrens less monotonous, though some people liked that too so I'm not sure yet
gpremier Featured By Owner Edited Jan 10, 2015
No problem!

I see! Well it will be hard for you to keep the surprise aspect, as most the people that will be interested by the new version will have played the previous one!

The 'lack of people/content' part wasn't that bad compared to other similar games, and in fact it kinda fitted pretty well with the overall mood of a doomed/dying world! But yes, putting more content would be quite cool as what is already there were well made, and would make it harder to choose to completely abandon the world!

Oh and i've also played Rip since, i really liked the overall look and mood so far! I'll keep an eye on it if that project get further! 

In all cases, have a great year!
Pocket-Of-Jellybeans Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oneshot would make a really good movie! I've always had a trailler of it in my mind, can you make a fake movie poster of OneShot?
NightMargin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure how it would be adapted to movie, as the interaction with Niko and the world is integral, I AM planning to make a trailer for it tho, once we finish the full version of the game! maybe a poster too, though im not sure what that would involve
TheCursivOne Featured By Owner Edited Dec 28, 2014

since you're obviously really good with RPGs and such, would you recommend I use this?

for rpg sprite making I mean

also, what rpg maker do you use?? I'm using XP. It's almost as good as VX Ace, and way less, although missing some features.
NightMargin Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hmmmm i haven't used the program though it does seem quite limited! I would just recommend SAI or Photoshop tbh (GraphicsGale is also really good for animations)

I'm mostly used to 2003, but currently Oneshot is getting ported to XP (by Mat. I haven't touched it yet) Heard XP is actually more flexible/powerful than VX ace tho (the features for VX ace mostly makes it more accessible for new users i think? like the character generators)
TheCursivOne Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
I honestly find the character generators useless.

What's the difference between 2003 and XP?

I don't really want the first-person style. Also, that OMORI game is very similar to what I am designing.
NightMargin Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah the generator is pretty much only useful if you use the preset sprite style and need to make a ton of npcs/background characters or something (which is never, at least not for me)

and as for 2003 vs XP? tons! art-wise, 2003 has a 320x240 resolution (but blows up the game window 2x so things are pixelated). the color palette is also limited to 256 (that extends to facepics/cutscene cgs/panoramas, which is why sometimes pictures w gradients look weird). XP removes the color restriction and also has a 640x480 resolution (by default, you can change window size w scripts) so it's ideal for graphics, though if you're like me and prefer a more pixelated look to the overworld sprites/tiles you can either size up the spritesheets with a script or use 2003. One thing I don't like about XP though is that it doesn't have facepics as a feature so you'd need a script

tl;dr, XP allows for scripts that lets you customize things, 2003 doesn't. 2003 is also considered obsolete and is hard to acquire legally nowadays (unless you already have it). I recommend just checking rpgmaker's site and look for a sale. I think I got both XP and VX ace for under 10 bucks in a steam sale.

what kinda game are you making? surreal battle rpg I assume? I know OMORI is pretty heavily inspired by earthbound and yume nikki which are both considered "classics" for the surreal horror rpg genre
(1 Reply)
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